Christmas is easily the hardest time of the year to focus on fitness & follow a nutrition plan. Between long road trips featuring the occasional servo sandy & donut combo with a Coke Zero, to family gatherings filled with ham & boozy custard desserts - how do we still prioritise our fitness goals & let our hair down at the same time?

Follow these 3 simple but effective rules & you'll emerge on the 1st (or maybe 2nd) of January feeling guilt-free & ready to roll for 2021! Be your best self!

#1 – Train Anyway!

Simple. Your body is in a routine & you're used to expending energy and burning calories by training religiously each week. If you stop altogether over Xmas, you'll gain weight. There's no two ways about it.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to be training as regularly or as hard as you do now, but make sure you get SOME exercise in, even if you feel like a dungeon troll. Go for a walk or a run, smash out a cheeky game of Xmas test cricket with the fam - these are great & easy ways to keep moving and burning calories. Just get outside and have some fun :-)

#2 – Moderation

We want all need to have a good relationship with Food. By this I mean that if you want or feel like having any kind of food at all (eg. Cake, pudding, crackling, gravy, lollies and sweets) then we should have them without feeling guilt or remorse. We are all trying to live healthy lives and the odd bad food every now and again is not going to kill us. Nor should we guilt ourselves all day for doing so.

The Key is in Moderation. Small portions and on the odd occasion. The problem with avoiding those indulgent foods all together will then lead you to binge one day on way more than you should, ending up with you going backwards in your Nutrition goals. So again enjoy your food but just make sure its in Moderation.

#3 – Hydrate

When everyone is partying and having fun with family it is very hard to keep your water intake up, especially with all the troppo beverages on offer. Make hydration a priority - smash down a small glass of water between beers & try to knock over 1-2 litres in the last hour or two before you hit the hay.

Grab a couple of hydration packs from the local chemist, something water soluble that will kick the edge off in the morning if you over-indulge the night before. Trust me on this one, preparation is key.

Staying hydrated will keep your body from craving sugar and all the tempting holiday foods spread out before you.


Above all, have a safe & happy holidays, enjoy the break & don't forget to sneak in a session whenever you can!

XOXO Much love, the Hybrid Supps family XOXO